How we scaled Suvasa to 45x ROAS?😱

💭 What is the Brand all about?

Suvasa, a twenty-year-old Jaipur-based apparel and furnishing brand run by husband-and-wife. The essence of Suvasa’s creations is block-printed apparel and furnishing. All designing and manufacturing are done in-house in its factory and design studio at Jaipur.

Suvasa’s product line includes kurtas, pants, dupattas, saris, and tunics. The furnishing range has cotton quilts, bedcovers, cushions, table linen, all in block printing. They even have house accessories like towels, lampshades, cloth bags, children's bedding, and soft toys.

The company has ten outlets at present within India with further plans of expanding. Currently, the showrooms are in Jaipur, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Please check the locations on the home page.


🥲 What problem did they face?

Having a strong offline presence, Suvasa wanted to strengthen its reach via digitization and wanted to generate more revenue from online platforms.

Before partnering with us, Suvasa was unsure about how to enhance its brand presence online. Earlier, they had tried running ads o Facebook, but it did not bore a favorable response. Their website was not optimized and lacked Facebook pixels.


🔎 How we Ideated around a solution?

  • After a series of meetings and client briefs, we understood what the brand wanted to communicate along with its messaging and tone of the brand
  • We created ample ad creativity and weaved them to match the brand tone.
  • Facebook Pixels and events were configured by our Performance Marketing team.
  • We focused more on creative strategy as creatives and messaging help build revenues.
  • Identified touchpoints and customer journey flow.
  • Curated a differentiating factor for Suvasa.


🛠 What was the Final Solution?

  • Our First phase involved testing different well-researched audiences and creatives.
  • After observing and analyzing the brand presence, we found our winning combination that produced maximum sales for Suvasa.
  • The first campaign was to introduce a cold audience to the products. We ran the ad at a lower optimization. We wanted the prospect to land, check our products out and add to the cart, i.e., show some purchase behavior.
  • We tested other optimizations as well, but this was the winner in the cold audience. We targeted using our Audience targeting modules. Having systems help.
  • The second campaign was to bring the most relevant products before the prospects. Dynamic retargeting is then using catalog ads.


📈 Campaign Insights

💰 Amount Invested: 1,00,000 INR

📈 Sales Generated through Ads: 11,36,550 INR

🙌🏻 Total Purchases through Ads: 193

👯 Number of People Reached: 2,15,002

💡 Number of Impressions: 4,40,831

🔗 Number of Link Clicks: 14,264

🤑 Thus, Return on Amount Invested: 47.11x (Average) 

🏅 Overview & Closing Thoughts

This is the first time for Suvasa to run their ads over Facebook and Instagram and they received sales of over 11 Lakhs, which is insane on comparing to the amount invested.

Our takeaways and suggestion from this campaign would be to Test everything. From the objectives to the conversions optimizations to the unlimited permutations of audiences.

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