How we generated Studio Bir over 300 leads in 15 Days? 😱

💭 What is the Brand all about?

Studio Bir, a wedding photography company powered by imaging experts Kabir & Viraaj is one of the most innovative photography companies.

Today it has been able to mark its presence in both Delhi and Gurgaon as one of the most prominent wedding photographers' businesses. Studio Bir has a large team of wedding professionals ranging from photographers to cinematographers, album designers to video editors, and has also done destination weddings in Amsterdam and Dubai.

🥲 What problem did they face?

Studio Bir wanted to set up an online funnel to generate more leads in India and increase their brand reach. Thus, attracting more customers and more growth in terms of revenue.

🔎 How we Ideated around a solution?

  • After series of meetings & client briefs, we understood the essence, messaging, and tone of the brand
  • Ad Creative, Ad Copies were chalked out to match the brand tone. This included a lot of iterations
  • We focused more on creative strategy as creatives and messaging help build revenues.
  • Identified touch-points and customer journey flows.
  • Curated lead forms for Studio Bir to generate high volume.

🛠 What was the Final Solution?

  • Our First phase was testing different well-researched audiences and creatives
  • After observing, we found our winning combination of audiences who required the services of Studio Bir.
  • The first campaign was focused on finding prospects and an ideal audience.
  • We tested other optimizations as well, but this was the winner in the cold audience. We targeted using our Audience targeting modules. Having systems help.
  • The second campaign was to bring the most relevant creatives before the prospects. Videos & Shoots were used to attract more watch time.
  • People with more watch times were bucketed into more specific audiences to get high-quality leads.

📈 Campaign Insights

💰 Amount Invested: 10,000 INR

📈 Total Leads: 193+

👯 Number of People Reached: 44,807

💡 Number of Impressions: 73,154

💸 Cost Per Result: 46.31

🏅 Overview & Closing Thoughts

Video Campaigns work best in the case of Photography studios due to their attention span. People interacted with videos more as compared to photos & thus generated more targeted leads for Studio Bir.

Winning Audience + Winning Creatives = 💸

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