How we created engaging creatives for House of Wellness? 💡

💭 What is the Brand all about?

A holistic beauty care company, House of Wellness' products are created with the highest quality of ingredients, using the latest state-of-technology in cosmetology. The products cater to beauty categories such as face care, hair care, body and skincare, and hand and foot care.

The Body Scrub at House of Wellness is a treat to your skin. Formulated with all-natural and herbal extracts it gives you flawless, soft, and smooth skin every day.

🥲 What problem did they face?

Being an expert in B2C, they faced a major challenge while communicating with their B2C clients.

🔎 How we Ideated around a solution?

  • Strategizing their content for social media and designing posts as per market trends and requirements.
  • Consultation for performance marketing.

🏅 Overview & Closing Thoughts

The creatives were visually appealing and were tested on website as well as paid media. The audience response was pretty good.

Sample Creatives

Runs on Unicorn Platform