How Abbzorb Nutrition took Social Media by a storm? 🚀

💭 What is the Brand all about?

With the mantra of Thakna Sikha Nahi, Abbzorb Nutrition is touching the maximum lives without ad nauseam. Life is all about moving on and Abbzorb Nutrition is emerging as life. Abbzorb Nutrition was launched in 2019 for folks who wish to Pay Less and Abbzorb More, as we are focused and committed to bringing healthful nutrition to each household at a pocket-friendly price.

Headquartered in India, we develop world-class products including proteins, amino acids, gainers, and other supplements. We accomplish that by using best global practices and premium quality ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction, positive impact, and well-being.

🥲 What problem did they face?

  • Expertise in delivering qualitative products, content became a challenging task for them.
  • They faced major problems while curating high engagement content over social platforms.
  • Being a newly established firm, brand awareness was a major challenge.
  • Unable to reach the efficient and maximum sales output. (lack in performance).
  • Targeted growth over Instagram, reaching out to masses

🔎 How we Ideated around a solution?

  • Performance-based marketing through Facebook, Instagram, and google ads.
  • User-generated content creation in order to achieve a high engagement ratio.
  • Targeting audience and strategizing content along with marketing and sales.

🛠 What was the Final Solution?

  • Curating content for social media for brand awareness and engagement purposes.
  • Channelising and strategizing proper ad sets to run over Instagram and Facebook.
  • Designing creatives for the brand to communicate to the audience more effectively.

🏅 Overview & Closing Thoughts

As per mentioned facts and figures, it's quite obvious to know that we got a tremendous engagement ratio on the posts, due to which organic growth of the page is increasing and now people are more connected towards the brand and things.

Proper usage and placements of hashtags, researched content curation for posts has shown significant growth overall.

Hence, this clearly justifies and matches with the objectives to date.

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